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Round Duct
Round Duct is great to provide a quiet, pleasant work environment for your staff and clients. This duct has low noise pollution, easy installation, is cost-effective, less maintenance, and is durable to use. Airflow is better and more efficient. It is better for systems with medium to high pressures.
Oval Duct
Because this does not have hard seams, Oval Duct has a higher efficiency than square ducts. This is easier to seal and has fewer leaks than round ducts. This can be mounted against the ceiling since it has a flat surface, which reduces the amount of space they take up.
Air And AC Duct
Air and AC Duct is usually in the shape of a cube, with no elbows or offsets. If you're short on room, your home most likely features a flexible air duct. This is tough, dependable, safe, and long-lasting. This type of ductwork is typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum.
Duct Fittings And Accessories
Duct Fittings and Accessories can provide effective protection for the insulation from unfavourable environments such as rain, snow, and even high humidity with the help of the hanger system. They are tested under various parameters to ensure their high quality and effectiveness.
Exhaust Duct

An exhaust Duct is mainly used to carry exhaust out of a work area or the inside of a structure. This can be connected to an exhaust outlet or a fume hood. This duct's pipe should ideally run straight to prevent obstructions to the air's unimpeded movement through the ductwork.

Fabric Duct

A fabric Duct is a round, semi-round, or quarter-round duct intended for the supply and distribution of warm or cooled air. This duct is made of lightweight fabric rather than, say, galvanised steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. As part of the supply air, ducts frequently transport ventilation air as well.